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Tara Wells LCSW | Athletic Psyc | Life Coach


What Clients Are Saying

There are so many wonderful things about Tara that make her a perfect fit for me. As a high-level athlete, I came to Tara as a way to better understand myself and how to perform better through a cleared mind. She has done so much more. I have learned so much about myself (completely unrelated to athletics) that has improved my performance. I learned that things happening in your life, separate from athletics, can have a huge impact on your performance. Tara is welcoming and friendly, never judgmental. I am extremely comfortable around her, even from our first session. Additionally, as a person who does not struggle with mental health, I never thought that seeing a mindset coach would be what I need in my life. Nonetheless, I now realize that seeing Tara is what I needed to take the next step and level up in my sport. I highly recommend Tara to anyone who looking to develop their athletic performance, or anyone who is even considering seeing a mindset coach.


During my competition Tara kept me motivated and focused. She never let me forget all the progress I've made so far and what my end goal was. Having someone like that in your corner is a key to success and it was proven when we won first place that weekend! Thanks Tara.


After starting with Finish Line Mindset I realized the importance of mental health. Working with Tara, I have become more focused at work and while training for CrossFit competitions. Her support has helped me overcome many obstacles and leave behind fears of being around others. She was amazing before and during me and my CrossFit partner's competition. Tara was energetic and inspirational helping us win our competition for the second time. Definitely a service that I will highly recommend!


Tara is absolutely amazing, I’ve been seeing her for awhile now and I’ve made progress I never thought I would. 10/10 would recommend working with her. She is so kind and knowledgeable!


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